Feast of the Cross

7 years ago 7:00pm to 7 years ago 3:00am
Coptic Date: 17th Tute, 1730
On This Day:
1. The Feast of the Consecration of the Church of the Honorable Cross.
2. The Departure of St. Theognosta.
Prayed by:

الصليب هو سلاحنا الصليب هو رجاؤنا الصليب هو ثباتنا في ضيقاتنا و شدائدنا. – من ذكصولوجية عيد الصليب
Tomorrow 27Sept is the feast of the Appearance of the Honourable Cross.
Vesper of the feast starts 7pm tonight 26 Sept and will be blessed by Anba Zosima. There will be Asheya prayers, sermon, tasbeha followed by a Holy Liturgy from midnight to 3am.