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COYA Conference 2009 - Unity

HE Archbishop Angaelos
1 decade ago 7:00am to 1 decade ago 3:00pm

COYA Conference 2010

Fr Boules George
1 decade ago 7:30am to 1 decade ago 3:00pm

20th Annual COYA Conference 2011

Fr Pishoy Wasfy
9 years ago 7:30am to 9 years ago 3:00pm

COYA Combined Youth Meeting

Fr Dawoud Lamei
Wednesday 25th April, 2012

COYA Nayrouz Skit Competition

Sunday 9th September, 2012

Combined Youth Meeting

HG Bishop Daniel
Sunday 30th September, 2012

COYA Conference 2012

Fr Boules George
8 years ago 7:00am to 8 years ago 3:00pm

COYA New Year Cruise

Tuesday 1st January, 2013

Last night of Kiahk

Wednesday 2nd January, 2013

Inaugural COYA HSC Graduates Cruise 2013

Sunday 17th November, 2013

COYA Conference

7 years ago 7:00am to 7 years ago 4:00pm

Coptic Day Out

Saturday 10th May, 2014

COYA Conference 2014 - I Quit

HG Bishop Boules
6 years ago 8:00am to 6 years ago 3:00pm

Black Tie Stand Up Comedy Night

Sunday 2nd August, 2015

Sydney Youth Conference SYC 2015

Fr Moses Curley
5 years ago 7:00am to 5 years ago 2:00pm

Lenten Retreat - Faith !!!Lets talk about it

HG Bishop Youssef
4 years ago 6:30pm to 4 years ago 4:30pm

General Youth Meeting

HH Pope Tawadrous
Friday 1st September, 2017

RISE - The Orthodox Way

3 years ago 6:00pm to 3 years ago 3:00pm

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