Conference 6 to 8 Dec 2013

8 years ago 5:00pm to 8 years ago 3:00pm

by Abu Sefein Arabic Meeting

Our next Conference/ retreat will be on Friday 6 to Sunday 8 December 2013 and will be held at a luxury conference centre, the Collaroy Centre- Homestead Ave, Collaroy Beach.

حسب الجدول الآتى

الجمعة 6 ديسمبر 2013
7.00 الوصول واستلام الغرف
8.00 الفقره الاولى أتيت لتكون لھم حياة د. أسامه حنا
9.30 فترة مشروبات
10.00 إجتماع صلاه
11.00 نوم
السبت 7 ديسمبر
7.45 القداس الإلھى
10.30 الإفطار
11.15 الفقره الثانيه أنا فى المسيح والمسيح فىّ
1.0 غداء وراحه
2.00 الفقره الثالثه كيف اكون فى المسيح ؟
3.30 فترة مشروبات
4.30 الخلوه
5.30 راحه
6.15 العشاء
7.15 مجموعات مناقشه Section
9.30 فترة مشروبات
9.45 إجتماع صلاه
11.00 نوم
الأحد 8 ديسمب.
7.45 القداس الإلھى
10.30 الإفطار
11.15 الفقره الرابعه إِذًا إِنْ كَانَ أَحَدٌ فِي الْمَسِيحِ فَھُوَ خَلِيقَةٌ جَدِيدَة
1.00 غذاء
2.00 الفقره الخامسه كلمه ختاميه واجتماع صلاه
3.00 العودة بسلام
The Conference will be held by our Rev fathers Fr Bishoy Yassa, Fr Sherobeam & Fr Kyrollos Farag amongst other priests and servants who will bless us in this Conference.
There are a limited number of 100 cabin beds and 10 Hotel Rooms available for this Conference.
You are invited to make your booking now to ensure you secure your spot, bookings will close 31 August 2013 as we are required to confirm and pay the Collaroy Centre by 2 September 2013.
Booking options are as follows

  1. Cabins (accommodate 6-8 per room) with en-suite bathrooms (no linen provided) rates are:
    $150 per person over 11 years old, $140 per Child (4-11 yrs old), $45 under 3 yrs old
  2. Hotel rooms with full en-suite facilities, air condition, balcony, some with ocean views, LCD/DVD, and linen provided ( each containing 2 King single beds & a sofa Bed) rates are:
    $200 per person over 11 years old, $160 per Child (4-11 yrs old), $50 under 3 yrs old.
    Single occupancy of a Hotel room $280

More details on Hotel rooms

Please note:

  • This conference is fully catered
  • Day Visitors that intend to come for a day must register their interest before 31 August 2013 to enable us to book a facility that will accommodate more than 120 people.
  • Day visitors that will have their morning, afternoon, Lunch and Dinner provided will be charged $70 per person.

Please make your booking before 31 August 2013 with
Mary Tadros (Mob 0400707244) or Adeeb Mikhail (Mob 0414472574)

Optional activities:
The Collaroy Centre offers a range of adventure and over 30 activities
That can be found at the following link
These activities must be booked in advance, please make your booking to activities when you book for the conference, pls note that there is a minimum number required per activity.

Date and time
8 years ago 5:00pm to 8 years ago 3:00pm

Collaroy Plateau, NSW, Australia