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  1. Check out upcoming events and meetings from your church and other churches
  2. Find information about youth meetings, bible studies, churches, liturgy times, priest, bishop programs
  3. Connect with friends that you attend church with

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  1. Stay informed about latest events, youth meetings
  2. See the latest announcements from your church or your services
  3. Share spiritual videos, quotes, links that you like with your friends

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The idea of HisVine came about in 2008 when Social Networking started to build up amongst the coptic community. The project HisVine had a mission to help out churches, services and servants with the use of the latest technology.

It started off in the humble city of Sydney, Australia, February, 2011. By October 2011 we began testing it with 4 churches. God blessed us and we began building some basic tools that those 4 churches can use to help them with their services and congregation. 4 months later, in April 2012 our churches more than doubled to 10 and more people began to help out and serve with us and give feedback and ideas. We had 3 priest registered on board providing us with their prayers and feedback. One of which is Fr Antonios Kaldas who has been a great support for us over the past 2 years with his prayers and guidance.

In June 2012 we added a major feature called the Liturgy Finder which searched across 45 liturgies from 11 churches and gave you times and location of liturgies (this tool now searches over 150 liturgies from 40 churches Australia wide). We are continuing to grow by the grace of God and the prayers of many servants and priests. In December 2012, we had Bishop Daniel bless the website and this project. This was followed by HG Bishop Suriel being introduced briefly to it in February 2013. There are many features that we have built and have been building to benefit the services of the church.

Coptic Social Networking is a blog post on what was the vision back in 2008

Please keep this service in your prayers