St Abu Sefein feast

8 years ago 7:00pm to 8 years ago 11:00am
Coptic Date: 25th Abib, 1729
On This Day:
1. The Departure of St. Thecla.
2. The Martyrdom of the Saint Abba Isaac.
3. The Martyrdom of St. Hilaria.
4. The Martyrdom of Sts. Thecla and Mouji.
5. The Martyrdom of St. Antonius (Anthony) of Beba.
6. The Martyrdom of St. Abakragoun.
7. The Martyrdom of St. Domadius El-Souriani (The Syrian).
8. The Consecration of the Church of St. Mercurius.
9. The Departure of St. Palamon, the Father of the Monks.

The feast of consecrating the first church of St. Merkorious Abu Sefein is on Thursday 1 August 2013.


Asheya will be prayed on Wednesday night from 7pm to 11pm

1st Liturgy will be on Thursday 5-7am and 2nd Liurgy will be on Thursday 8.30-11am