Marital Preparation Course

7 years ago 5:00pm to 7 years ago 9:00pm
Cost: $60

This Course is designed to help engaged and newly married couples explore and deepen their relationship.

Important topics and issues such as the
‘Art of Communication’,
‘Conflict Resolution’,
‘Discovering yourself’,
‘The Engagement Period’,
‘Physical & Sexual Health’,
‘After the Honeymoon’,
‘The Christian Family’
‘The Crowning Ceremony’,
are discussed and workshopped with a variety of speakers.

This is a great opportunity to enrich your relationship. The Course runs over three weekend and starting Saturday and Sunday 30/11 & 1/12, 7/12 & 8/12, 14/12 &15/12 from 5- 9PM.

All sessions are held at the Dome, Donvale. We encourage every engaged couples and those in their first year of marriage to attend this course.

The Diocese has declared that this course is compulsory for all couples marrying in the Diocese. The cost is $60 per couple. Please Contact Fr Samuel Elias on 0412 884 434 or Fr Daniel Ghabrial on 0403 336 725