Sunday 15th December, 2013
Host: Apologetics

Human beings are defined by being able to tell right from wrong, by having a moral sense.

Is there really such a thing as good and evil or are these things just in our heads?

If they are really part of reality, then where did they come from? 

Can a person be moral without God?

Does the reality of morals prove the existence of God?

In this last Apologetics meeting for 2013, Samuel Kaldas takes us on a guided tour through the maze of morality.

In the discussion that follows, no territory is off limits.



Apologetics has come to the East!

This is a meeting for those who have enquiring minds and many questions. Apologetics is the defence of our Orthodox Christian faith against challenges. In this meeting we seek to find rational, logical answers for hard questions about our faith, and to develop effective responses to those who challenge it.

Each month a different speaker will present a topic, followed by open discussion and the oportunity to ask any question you like (so long as it is courteous). no topic is off-limits!

Non-Copts are welcome.