SAYG Winter Retreat: Immovable

4 years ago 6:00pm to 4 years ago 5:00pm
Cost: $175


Back in February, we had one heck of a summer camp! It was probably one of the best camps that SAYG has ever experienced!
But now, as the weather becomes quite chilly, its time for a cozy get together with the awesome youth and our wonderful Saviour!

For the first time, we will be introducing WINTER RETREAT!
It's always a beautiful thing to remain warm both physically and spirtually. This retreat will be a wonderful opportunity for us as youth to both create and maintain a relationship with our beautiful Father. There are numerous activities planned, many oportunites to connect with God and ofcourse limitless amounts of memories to be created!

Full Amount: Paid by 18/7

SAYG guarantees a whole heap of spirtual uplifting moments and many fun and interactive things to do!!

Make sure you invite a friend or two for a beautiful winter retreat with the SAYG Crew!!!

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