Diamonds in the Sand

5 years ago 8:30pm to 5 years ago 2:00pm

You are welecomed to embark on our journey or make your own to uncover the diamonds in the desert. 

Search the vast deserts from up high, but a twinkle might catch your eye.

Look away and you will miss it

Just how beautiful it glistens in the burning sun these diamonds stand

Unaffected by the land

Living for one purpose

To all they are so precious

Search your heart and you will understand, the diamond you seek is in your hand.


Join us 28th Sept - 1st Oct, Deer Park. On this journey into the desert we will embark.

$200 is just a small fee to uncover the mystery you'll have to wait and see.

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Date and time
5 years ago 8:30pm to 5 years ago 2:00pm

610 E San Augustine St, Deer Park, TX, United States