Malak Spring Camp

3 years ago 7:00pm to 3 years ago 4:00pm

by Malak Youth Group

Is THIS you? The profile you have made and the posts you sent? Are they REALLY you or the best version of a lie you have orchestrated?

We know that we have to be genuine when approaching God.
He is Truth and so, will only speak to truth in return.
He will not entertain any illusions or misrepresentations of yourself... He wants to get to know you, THE REAL YOU!

And when you’re looking in the mirror, what do you do if the face staring back at you is not the one you recognise?
If we need to be authentic in our approach with God how do we do that? How can I be sure I am being authentic?

Authenticity - let’s capture that picture together 

Cost: $150

Place: Crosslands Christian Youth Centre

Dates: 20th -22nd of September

Theme: Authenticity

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Date and time
3 years ago 7:00pm to 3 years ago 4:00pm
Archangel Michael & St Bishoy Church
53-59 Methven St, Mount Druitt, NSW, Australia