Faith and Reason

Sunday 7th October, 2012
Host: Apologetics

Hi all,

The September meeting has been postponed to the first Sunday of October (7th) so that people who want to attend the Bishops' meeting can attend. Future meetings will be on the last Sunday of every month as per usual :)


Does a person have to sacrifice logic and rational thinking if they want to hold to a Christian faith? Or does reason actually lead to faith? What is the difference between faith and belief? Does everyone believe in something, even if they don't believe in God?

Join us for a night of stimulating, mind-expanding discussion as we explore the relationship between the world of the mind and the world of the spirit. The format will include small group discussions to allow for greater involvement. Please join in the pre- and post-meeting discussions on the event page below.

All welcome.
Bring an atheist.

In Christ!