Coptic Language Course for Beginners

8 years ago 9:30am to 8 years ago 12:30pm
Macquarie University, North Ryde
Cost: $90

Macquarie University is o ering a 4 day course for beginners for those who are interested in learning the Coptic language.  ere is no prior knowledge required.

For those considering an ancient language as part of their degree, such a course is an ideal introduction to the subject, prior to enrolling in an accredited unit.  is course takes place in NSW school holidays, so that secondary school students and teachers may attend.

During the course, there is an opportunity to visit Macquarie’s Museum of Ancient Cultures and explore our teaching collection. Teaching is in small tutorial groups to allow for extra attention to individual students.

Cost: For payments received by 3rd Dec cost is $110/$90 full/concession.
Late enrolments will be accepted at the higher rate of $130/$110 until 10th Dec.

Contact details: email: 
Ph: (02) 9850 9962 / Fax (02) 9850 9001