Standing with the People of Egypt against the MB

Saturday 8th December, 2012
241 Commonwealth St, Surry Hills

The Australian Coptic Movement Association fully endorses this event and will be participating along with the Dostor Party Sydney Branch and all other groups and movements who stand against Tyranny.

Location:Outside the Egyptian Consulate General in Sydney.

Add.:241 Commonwealth St, Surry Hills

Open invitation:
To all Egyptian associations, organizations and institutions in Australia - which believe in democracy and civil state – we invite you to unite with us in the creation of "The National Salvation Front" similar to the one that was formed by the civil forces in Egypt recently, in order to circumvent behind a primary goal which is overturning the illegal constitutional declaration and aborting the non-consensual new Constitution, which was written by a founding committee that did not represent all segments of the Egyptian people.

My Egyptian brother and sister .. Let us put our hands together to confront the new dictator to the consolidation the pillars of democracy that the great Egyptian people deserve.

Please respond to coordinate a protest in front of the Egyptian consulate in Sydney on Saturday, 8/12/2012, on the referendum day for Egyptians abroad on a new constitution.

For enquiries please contact: Sam Mansour (Coordinator for El Dostour Party - Sydney Branch) on mobile 0400 44 66 11 or Anthony Hanna on 0421448958 (ACM)