St Mary's Spiritual Revival

7 years ago 8:30am to 7 years ago 9:00pm

by St Anthony & St Paul Church


The church invites you to this spiritual revival during the days of fasting. May the Holy Spirit abide & work in us, to become holy by attending daily. Through the prayers of H.H Pope Tawadros II & the Guidance of Our Honourable Bishop Abba Daniel.


Theme: ORTHODOXY (Based on a book by the Very Rev Fr Daoud Lamei)

Daily:Holy Mass 8.30-10.30 am

Fridays Only 2nd Mass 3-6pm
Vespers & Sermons 7-9pm

Wednesday 6/08/14
The Life of St Mary before The Birth of Christ
V Rev Fr Tadros Simon - Arabic

Rev Fr Gabriel Yassa - English

Thursday 7/08/14
Orthodox Discipleship
V Rev Fr Moussa Soliman - Arabic
V Rev Fr Pavlos Hanna - English


Friday 8/08/14
Orthodox Dogma
Rev Fr Bishoy Botros - Arabic
Rev Fr Jonathan Ishak - English

Saturday 9/08/14
Orthodox Repentance
V Rev Fr Botros Morkos - Arabic
Rev Fr Suriel Hanna - English

Sunday 10/08/14
Orthodox Worship
Rev Fr Paula Balamoun - Arabic
Rev Fr Arsanious Barsoum - English

Monday 11/08/14
Spiritual Orthodoxy
V Rev Fr Bishoy Yassa - Arabic
Rev Fr Shenouti Gobran - English

Tuesday 12/08/14
Orthodox Life

V Rev Fr Yacoub Magdy - Arabic
Rev Fr Kyrillos Farag - English

Wednesday 13/08/14
The Life of St Mary after the Birth of Christ
V Rev Fr Tadros Simon - Arabic
Rev Fr David Mahrous - English

Thursday 14/08/14
Orthodox Relationships
Rev Fr Luke Malek - Arabic
Rev Fr Mark Bassily - English

Friday 15/08/14
Orthodox Teachings
V Rev Fr Hanna Gad - Arabic
Rev Fr Matthew Attia - English

Saturday 16/08/14
Orthodox Struggle
Rev Fr Makarious Ebrahim - Arabic
Deacon Antonious Soliman - English

Sunday 17/08/14
Orthodox Praise
V Rev Fr Samuel Wadie - Arabic
Rev Fr Joshua Tadros - English

Monday 18/08/14
Feast of the Transfiguration
V Rev Fr Georgious Fahmy - Arabic
Rev Fr Yousef Fanous - English

Tuesday 19/08/14
Orthodox & Christian Unity
Rev Fr Athanasious Ibrahim - Arabic
Rev Fr George Nakhil - English

Wednesday 20/08/14
St Mary the Holy Theotokos

HG Bishop Daniel - Arabic

Rev Fr Bassilious Gad - English

Thursday 21/08/14
St Mary the Intercessor
V Rev Fr Tadros Simon - Arabic
V Rev Fr Shenouda Mansour - English

Friday 22/08/14
Feast of the Assumption of the body of our Mother, the pure St Mary the Mother of God

Date and time
7 years ago 8:30am to 7 years ago 9:00pm
St Anthony & St Paul Church
29 Bolton St, Guildford, NSW, Australia