Join The Australian Coptic Movement Now!!!

8 years ago 8:00pm to 7 years ago 10:00pm

by The Australian Coptic Movement Association

Dear Members of the Coptic Community,


As you are well aware, the ACM has been involved in a wide array of political lobbying and human rights advocacy campaigns for the last 3 years. Going into 2013, the ACM will be organising even more programs and initiatives which will focus on local community development and empowerment.


We being the Coptic Diaposara in Australia are very close-knit, resourceful, intelligent and quite frankly do well socio-economically. We need to harness these positive traits towards building our community pride and using our influence to achieve our long term goals and objectives - ending persecution and discrimination of the Copts of Egypt and Sudan.


WE NEED SAVVY, YOUNG AND AMBITIOUS PEOPLE who could spare some time on an every now and again basis for their ideas and input. The ACM is also embarking on a subscription drive to raise much needed funds to our activities. The ACM is a 100% tax deductible gift recipient.


Contact us now at 

Date and time
8 years ago 8:00pm to 7 years ago 10:00pm