Pope Shenouda Youth Group

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Jambaroo!!!! Must come!

Sat 5th Dec 8:15am to 5:00pm

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Dare to be Different - St Abanoub Youth Summer Camp

7 years ago 9:00am to 7 years ago 8:00pm

Take Up Your Cross and Follow Me

Thursday 25th April, 2013


6 years ago 8:00pm to 6 years ago 10:00pm

Annual Christmas All-nighter

4 years ago 8:00pm to 4 years ago 7:00am

SAYG Winter Retreat: Immovable

3 years ago 6:00pm to 3 years ago 5:00pm

SAYG Summer Camp: Raging Seas

2 years ago 7:00pm to 2 years ago 5:00pm

Arise & Conquer 2018 Youth Retreat

2 years ago 6:00pm to 2 years ago 4:00pm

SAYG Annual Christmas All-Nighter

Monday 24th December, 2018

SAYG '19 Summer Camp: Chasing the Dream

1 year ago 6:00pm to 1 year ago 3:00pm

What's My Purpose?- SAYG Winter Camp 2019

1 year ago 6:00pm to 1 year ago 4:00pm

SAYG Christmas All-Nighter 2019

11 months ago 7:00pm to 11 months ago 6:00am

The Living Waters || SAYG Summer Camp 2020

9 months ago 6:00pm to 9 months ago 4:30pm


4 months ago 2:30pm to 4 months ago 10:00pm

20/20 Vision All Nighter

4 months ago 7:30pm to 4 months ago 6:00am

SAYG Youth Open Day

Saturday 22nd August

Monastery Trip

Saturday 19th September

Beach Hike

Saturday 24th October

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